Teracodes Sitemap

July 22, 2024

With over 50,000 pages on TeraCodes.com it would be difficult to provide a link to every page here. Therefore we have provided links on this sitempap page to each section of TeraCodes. From each section you can drill down to find more specific pages.

Area Codes U.S. & Canada Telephone Area Code Listings

  U.S. Area Codes by State

  U.S. Area Codes by Territory

  Canadian Area Codes by Province

Country Codes International Calling Codes by Country

Zip Codes U.S. Postal Zip Code Listings

U.S. Telecommunications Companies FCC Form 499 Filer Database

U.S. State Capitals List of the cities that are state capitals in the United States

  U.S. State Capitals Quiz Test your knowledge of the U.S. state capitals

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